I am a Dreamer, I am a Lover

I am a Dreamer and I’m a Lover.
At times, it certainly feels like I’ve lived a million years and then suddenly, that I‘ve been alive for just a moment of this Infinite Majesty that spreads above and beyond me.
I am a little creature of the Universe, witnessing, for a simple sparkle of life, the existence of something magnificent. I am here, in this soft nocturnal atmosphere, staring outside the glasses of my window. I’ve been traveling for years and I am now so far from home that truly this is like a miracle. To be here, and to be breathing. To take in all the Beauty that surrounds me. The quietness, as above so below. This is the first moment I feel the Present in all its power, after almost three years in a foreign land. I’ve been running, chasing after my dreams, and I always will. I am a dreamer, I am a lover. My calling for peace, for joy, is a never ending sign. He is always with me, even when I’m not with Him- I -have to make myself present in this wooded land I’m walking through. This is my time, because He wants it to be. It might feels frightening to let Him have it, but really, it’s His. I can lay in time; I can rest in time, because it is not mine.
Take me where I need to be, let me shine of your light, not for vanity, but for glory. May I be your tool. May I be a guiding light. I don’t know what’s right; it is so hard to define limits, to help others, to truly be kind and bright. I would love to give love, to receive love, and be successful in my soul. “ For what profit is to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?.
I am playing with a wild fire, may I be untouched and safe.
May I simply remain
Just a Dreamer and a Lover.

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