Lost and Found

I travel – at the speed of Light. My age is timeless. I might look seventeen but really, I am an old ancient soul…Thousands of years old. The seed-like marks in my eyes are the key to the secret, that kind of joy you only experience in His presence, in the presence of Life, or Sky or God or Science, however you call it no matter your beliefs, I call it Love. For from the smallest part to the biggest part the key is one: all is born from a relationship, from a connection, an interaction. Nothing exists without the other. Quantum physics says a fragment of presence can be found in two places at the same time – as it necessary for this Creation to Be. When you realize this simple pattern, this beautiful and honest design. That repeats itself in the Universe. You will sit still. Amazed. Like a Buddha in his temple, enlightened.

I have been saved innumerable times, rescued and healed by others. Maybe for a short while – I was lost. Maybe for a long time – I was lost. And always another man, another woman, another being, called me back, brought back to myself.

There are places of myself I could never see. There are sides of me I would never know – in my physical body as in my spiritual body: I will never see my own back with my own eyes. Some parts of me are just hidden to me, because it is the relationship with another being that will make them visible, tangible, palpable. Revealed and real. For from the microscopic to the macroscopic the dynamic of the cosmos is one. There is no man for himself. There is no land of the free in the land of disconnection and loneliness. I have rooted myself in Love. To be flexible and ever changing, to be like a season, like a plant, like an animal, like a particle.


I follow


the Bliss of life

to be in Bloom.


I Breathe.



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