An apple a day

To sin mean to miss the objective – so what if the objective of life was to be yourself fully?

God wants you exactly as you are because love means to have you shine of your brightest light and to be purely and simply you. Free in your own being and free in your expression. That is how I want to serve, that is the only way I can really give. To be so abundant of love and joy that it naturally radiates from me to others.

It is a sin to disregard myself, to belittle my needs, to cage my inner desires and intuitions, to mislead and manipulate my vitality and call for connection. It is a sin to deprive myself from love and touch and abundance and fulfillment.

Who asks you to SACRIFICE yourself for them is making you a sinner. Is torturing you and misguiding from your god-given path of full self-discovery and freedom to a path of disconnection and compartmentalized love.

Life is a calling you for you to be fully human, and therefore fully divine.

To be fully yourself, fully honest, loving each and every part of you. Your shadow as your light, your vital pulse, your sexual flow, your appetite for joy, your everything.

Balance with the universe comes from listening to yourself fully and loving every corner of you.

All the voices that told you, don’t ask, don’t eat, don’t feel, don’t look, don’t don’t don’t DON’T LIVE !!!! Are just the small shitty fear of being powerful creatures. AS WE ARE.

I WANNA SHINE of the fucking brightest light and I want to find my infinity, flow in my infinity, live in my infinity.


Don’t ever ask me again to starve myself, to sacrifice myself, to cut myself short, to be less of who I am, to be obligated to please you and bow my head to the unholy – because HOLY is my being, my full being and my way to love. And unholy is everything that makes me less me.

You act against GOD when you act against yourself.

Love what you love, be honest with that.

It takes balls to live up to GOD, not up to sacrifice.

To fucking stand tall and enjoy every corner of you, to be judgment free and let your soul radiates. That TAKES BALLS.

And all the tiny shitty little demons that were eating your energy will attack you and tell you to go back to the cage, to go back being comfortable for others, to be malleable and easy to manipulate, to put your own value in their hands so they can tell you what do and how to be.


Devil is what divides. It is what separates me from MYSELF and therefore others. The more parts of me I condemn the more hate I will bring to others !!

We are in the epidemic of self-hate and emotional starvation, we are so fucking full of hate for every kind of human way – we hate races we hate sexual orientations we hate body shapes we hate styles of clothing we hate books and ideas and and and and we fucking hate and judge every single breath someone is taking, cause we ARE NOT BREATHING !! And we hate seeing someone happy and free.

LIBERATE YOURSELF, don’t be a sinner, please yourself, listen to yourself and give to yourself as much as GOD would.

Give yourself unconditionally.

Love yourself unconditionally.


YOU WERE BORN HOLY and they made you a sinner.  They have made you a sinner against yourself and what GOD gave you.

Go back to your original shape, to the way you loved when you were born, to the purity of expression when you were free to be hungry and sad and tired and happy and everything.

KIDS are the most beautiful being because they are fully human.

Shame and sacrifice are the sins. They are the Snake. That made you feel guilty for something that was true in you.

SO eat the fucking apple, share the apple and live life like it’s heaven on Earth.