The Passage

In the myriad of desert curves of my soul I reach states of exhilarating inebriation. I live in a state of natural high, chasing the songs of unwritten poets. Dancing ballades of renegades in Diaspora. I follow the lines of the ancients. The golden age of grotesque annihilates our spirits. Thus I choose to stay pure, untouched, unseen. Nomadic. I feel a guiding hand gently pushing me and pulling me, protecting me from fatal fate. I navigate to the extremes to remind myself of harmony and love. Home is where God is. It’s my essence, my breath, my sanity. I am, a multidimensional state of chaos, bouncing through black holes of desperation and freedom.

I live.

Fortitude strengthens my being and I am simply here to be a vessel of love.

I make space, I am present and absent. For everything that is meant to be, to be manifested solely through me.

Obstacles are formed in me like cliffs of necessary weight to carry.

I will always be a child at heart. Resounding in all my capricious needs and fantasies. Life occurs as beautiful to me as the skyscrapers of our infinity.

God is always smiling, facing disaster.

My life is my Cathedral and I am in His presence, exploring all that I am, all that we are, through my antithetical ways of being. There is nothing else but this nullity I am, forming and deforming,  generating fantastic shapes suddenly destroyed a millisecond after they were thought. I live, resilient.

I wanna be taken and used and shaken and lead to greatness.

A passage is opening, new gates, new spheres, new orbits. I conquer. I am open territory, wild America. Hunt me, strip me down of all that I have to leave me raw and pure. Innocent.

I am. A clean river. To reflect your dreams only.

I pray.


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