If there was one message I could choose to leave behind, one thing that I could look back at and know I’ve left as legacy, as trace of my passage on this Earth . It would be a reminder for people to dream a different dream.

If I could send a virtual hug to the world and let people know that they are ok exactly as they are, exactly where they are at on their own path of existence. So they could take a deep breath, feel gently, that everything is fine, and start from there. I would tell them to dream a new dream.
We are the dreams and the dreamers, and it is in our power and in our will to believe there will be more joy for us, in the hardest of times. That there will be more love awaiting us, after all the corners of dark sorrow.
We can choose our pain. And we can choose our way out of it. Don’t be fooled by the circumstances, we are always free to choose. Under torture, we are still free in our own mind to believe a different reality and create that so strongly in ourselves that we free ourselves from the pain. That – is the deepest lesson, the one I am patiently trying to master. The lesson we are thought from prisoners of a concentration camp. The lesson we receive from monks. From motivational speakers. From any form of mindful thinking. We are free, and self-responsible for all that surrounds us and lives within us. Pain is not for us to endure, it is simply there for us as a red flag, as a powerful, extreme remedy life exercises on us so that we can finally listen and learn. There is pain cause we are hard to listen. And we need to repeat the same downward spirals over and over again before realizing there is a different way through the maze. And in truth I tell you, any wall, is secretly a door. There are no cages, just temporary states of imbalance that we need to balance back.
We need to learn how to be the weight and the counterweight. The tight-rope walker, in the midst of it all.
This is the message I would want to leave behind, my footprints of love for you.

Dream a different dream my beloved, one of joy and abundance for your heart, and watch it manifest itself.
just stay open to receive it.


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